Femininity Alert

Warning, warning
This is attack of the 50 foot woman
All visitors with allergies to hormones or femininity
Should leave the edifice immediately
Do not excercise your manliness
Nor flex your muscles
Not a whim
This is no excercise
You have no excuse
I repeat
You are are not funny
All resistance will be put to the test
Warning, warning
50 foot woman entering menopause in the house
Behold of the flesh and blood artist
Do or die

Tussen water en water

Art: Zoya Cherkassky, Attack of the 50 foot woman

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2 Responses to Femininity Alert

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rkr2sLV7brs haha
    “once a normal beautiful voluptuous woman….
    incredibly huge with incredible desires for love and vengeance !!!”

  2. Jezzebel says:

    @Koek, tnx! the link is great 😉

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