Vroeg in de ochtend.
Wereld van gist.
Nacht nog niet opgerold.
Alles dat was.
Wat zal zijn.
Moet nog komen.
Als de lady
Haar gewaden oplicht.
En nieuw verlangen.
Als vers brood.
Op de planken ligt.
Verledentijd gewist.

Tussen water en water

Art: Avraham Eilat, Forces:

One day I found myself erasing automatically, with no specific reason, a black heavy mass of graphite drawn on a sheet of paper. I was amazed to discover that while some of the substance vanished, the rest accumulated to become a kind of a new presence. The negative act of erasing formed a positive, almost three-dimensional appearance.
This revelation led to a new body of work in which the erasing effect served not only to produce graphic signs but also as means of documenting events taking place on paper in real time.

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